Nørgaard Design

Anders Nørgaard graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. In 1994 he established the company Nørgaard Design, which has now grown into a recognized design studio, which develops designs for both domestic and foreign retailers.

Anders Nørgaard focuses upon the aesthetics and functionality within his design. By combining these values, Anders is capable of creating a design which easily can be integrated in lifestyle and usage situations, while not compromising on the expression of details and the functionality of the product.

These virtues have seemed to be acknowledged throughout the entire field of interior design, and thus Nørgaard Design have been granted several awards and nominations.

Scandinavian Roots

Nørgaard Design has its roots in the tradition of Scandinavian design, where aesthetics and functionality are in focus. Through more than 20 years of existence, the company has developed into an experienced design studio with the ability to create designs within various product categories. The designers of the company have gained extended experience in working with a vast range of designs and materials and thereby is the studio well suited to handle the needs of both domestic and international clients.

At last, Nørgaard Design has extended insight in the production of the design, and by optimizing this part; Nørgaard Design becomes able to deliver competitive prices within a wide range of products.

Anders Nørgaard